You should be listening to Joe Purdy

Joe Purdy is an anomaly in the current music industry scene.  He releases, writes, produces, and sings everything himself.  Not signed to a major label, an indie label, or any label at all. His music is not sold in any record store.  Purdy has been offered a major label contract on numerous occasions and he’s turned them down every time.  With ten albums behind him, songs on a smattering of TV shows (Lost, Grey’s Anatomy) and two commercials (Kia & Dawn) it would appear that his lack of a label has not hurt his ability to make a living or make incredible music. 

His music might be categorized as folk but don’t get too caught up in the genre label.  His music is raw and gritty with great stories behind it.  He switches seamlessly between piano and guitar with the occasional harmonica.  Each song has warmth to it that invites you to listen.  His lyrics and song characters are vulnerable yet familiar with underlying strength and assurance from his voice. 

I’ve been a fan for about six or seven years and recently had the good fortune to see him live in Austin on Dec. 20th.  I believe this was his first show in the great state of Texas.  It was well worth the wait.  The concert lasted a little over 2 hours and Joe was an engaging stage presence who took requests from the sold out crowd.  He was funny, accessible, determined to give a good show, dealt with drunks well (I was not one) and, wouldn’t play Wash Away (popular song from TV show Lost and Dawn commercial).

Top five Joe Purdy Songs according to Butler (Albums listed to right of song):

  1.  Mary May & Bobby (Joe Purdy)
  2. Falling Down  (Only Four Seasons)
  3. Ode to a Sad Clown (You can Tell Georgia)
  4. Two Left Feet (Paris in the Morning)
  5. San Jose (Take My Blanket and Go)

So, take some time and acclimate yourself to the greatness of Joe Purdy and let me know what you think.  All songs are available to stream for free from his website .

Joe Purdy’s music is available on i tunes, CD Baby and

Great music awaits!

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