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You should be listening to One Day as a Lion!

One Day as a Lion is the musical collaboration and eponymous debut EP of acid tongue, fire and brimstone, anti politico Zack de la Rocha (Rage Against the Machine) and drummer Jon Theodore (Mars Volta). 

The band’s namesake is homage to a black and white picture taken by photographer George Rodriguez that had the verbiage “It is better to live on day as a lion, than a thousand years as a lamb”.  Zack and Jon have known each other for a few years and have a mutual admiration for the other’s musical work. This led to informal jam sessions at a friend’s studio and culminated in the recording and release of the five song EP. One Day as a Lion was released on Bad Religion guitarist’s label ANTI-.


  • Wild International
  • Ocean View
  • Last Letter
  • If You Fear Dying
  • One Day as a Lion

The overall vibe on the EP is not an exodus sonically or lyrically for either musician.  The lyrics are politically and emotionally charged, the music is in your face antagonistic, and the overall delivery is the equivalent of a sledgehammer.  Bombastic drums and hypnotic keyboards bolster the fiery vocal release of de la Rocha.  The album has urgency to it in both the spirit of the music and the delivery of the lyrics. 

While the five songs seem to play quickly, what the album lacks in length, it more than makes up for with the strength of each song.  It also brings the realization of the potency of de la Rocha’s delivery and the void that was created musically by the disbanding of Rage Against the Machine.

There had been initial discussion/rumors of a follow up full length album in 2009 but it seems that the long overdue reconciliation of Zack and his former band mates from Rage have derailed those plans. 

While I am a fan of reconciliation and Rage Against the Machine, I’m selfishly and momentarily disappointed because there is no new music from either group at this time.

Check out One Day as a Lion at www.onedayasalion.org.


Great music awaits!