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You should be listening to MGMT!

MGMT is the thrice Grammy nominated and one win duo from New York that has all the music publications (Rolling Stone, Spin, etc…) scribing their praises with youthful abandon.  The major label debut Oracular Spectacular was released digitally in the fall of 2007 and multi format in 2008.

Originally billed The Management they released an album of demos and an EP before realizing that another band already had the name.  The rechristened themselves MGMT and released the smash debut that made everyone’s musical pants go crazy. 

MGMT Discography:

  • We (Don’t) Care (EP as The Management)
  • Climbing to New Lows (as The Management)
  • Time to Pretend (EP)
  • Oracular Spectacular
  • Metanoia (EP)

Key MGMT Tracks:

  • Kids
  • Time to Pretend
  • Electric Feel

Bathed in bright, pop psychedelics, synthesizers and sublimely bleak lyrics, MGMT’s debut is a 40 minute musical amusement park.  Each song is exciting and similarly textured but there is a vague difference from track to track. 

Check out MGMT at www.whoismgmt.com.




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