Bruce Springsteen is musical genius!

Let us rejoice in the musical greatness of Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen better known as The Boss!  This blog will include the wide array of his work as a solo artist and with the much happening E Street Band.

Bruce Springsteen Discography:

  • Greetings from Asbury Park (1973)
    • Blinded By the Light
  • The Wild, the Innocent, & the E Street Shuffle (1973)
    • Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
  • Born To Run (1975)
    • Thunder Road
  • Darkness On the Edge of Town (1978)
    • Badlands
  • The River (1980)
    • The River
  • Nebraska (1982)
    • Nebraska
  • Born In the U.S.A. (1984)
    • My Hometown
  • Live 1975-85
    • Because the Night
  • Tunnel of Love (1987)
    • One Step Up
  • Human Touch (1992)
    • Human Touch
  • Lucky Town (1992)
    • If I Should Fall Behind
  • In Concert/MTV Unplugged
  • Greatest Hits (1995)
    • Empty Garden
  • The Ghost of Tom Joad (1995)
    • Youngstown
  • Tracks (1998)
  • 18 Tracks (1999)
  • Live in New York City
    • 41 Shots (American Skin)
  • The Rising (2002)
    • The Rising
  • The Essential Bruce Springsteen
  • Devils & Dust (2005)
    • Devils & Dust
  • Hammersmith Odeon London ‘75
  • We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions (2006)
    • O Mary Don’t You Weep
  • Live In Dublin
  • Magic (2007)
    • Devil’s Arcade
  • Working on a Dream (2009)
    • The Wrestler

Top 5 Bruce Springsteen Albums:

  1. Nebraska
  2. The Rising
  3. The River
  4. Born To Run
  5. Tunnel of Love

 Top 10 Bruce Springsteen Songs:

  1. The Rising
  2. Nebraska
  3. Atlantic City
  4. Brothers Under the Bridge
  5. My Hometown
  6. Johnny 99
  7. Born To Run
  8. If I Should Fall Behind
  9. The River
  10. The Ghost of Tom Joad

Read, review, and respond.

Great music awaits

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6 responses to “Bruce Springsteen is musical genius!

  • brent a. morrison

    I thought I had experienced all the guy had to offer until he released “The Rising” and I heard the track “Paradise.” I think I listened to that one song for 3 or 4 days non-stop (Whenever I stumble upon a song that blows me away, I always try to get the backstory on it’s creation. When I found out this was his take on a terrorist/bomber, I had to go listen to it another 3-4 days!) Hey, he did an absolutely incredible song called “Missing” for the movie “The Crossing Guard” (very hard song to find). And then the Pete Seeger Sessions on PBS were exceptional. Keep “Born in the USA.” It’s what they DON’T play on the radio that is his true greatness.

    • butlerbad

      I agree, you need to dig a little deeper to find his good stuff. Nebraska is an all time favorite of mine and I am a huge fan of Devils & Dust and The Ghost of Tom Joad. Any of his live albums are good and he is absolutely amazing live. I’ve caugth him a few times on his smaller tours live Tom Joad and Devils & Dust as well as his Magic tour.

  • Paco


    Rarely do I question you on anything musical, but seriously. “Born to Run” at #4 of Bruce’s best albums? It’s in the top 5 all-time of any artist. And I well know your love for “Nebraska,” but 3 songs from there in your Bruce top ten? No “Jungleland,” no “Thunder Road,” no “Racing in the Street,” no “Growin’ Up” (in fact, nothing from the first 2 albums at all)?

    Obviously all such lists are subjective, but I would hazard that you are much more geared toward the folk music Bruce than anyone else I know. Now go listen to the “Born to Run” CD 5 times in a row and repent of your sins.

    Love ya brother,


    • butlerbad

      The listing of best albums was not in order of greatness, but rather numerical order in typing sequence. Lists are subjective and I would hazard a guess if I did it again in a week, other songs would appear in place of the current list. I do, however, dig folkie Bruce and I stand by my Nebraska selections as they would all appear in every list. Also, I was late to the greatness of Born to Run and have not listened to it nearly as much as his other releases. I will indeed repent and try to rectify the error of my musical ways.

  • Marile Cloete

    Wonderful to find this blog! I am a new Springsteen fan and urgently on the lookout for people who really understand what I am going on about! I live in a coutry where he is virtually unknown (after Born in the USA!). He is having an amazing impact on my personal and professional life (I am a writer of romantic fiction in my home language). Please visit my brand new blog about Bruce at I have already bookmarked your blog.

    • butlerbad

      Thanks for checking out my blog. Unfortunately, I’ve been too busy to talk music lately. Glad you enjoyed it and if you ever get teh chance to see him live, it will only enhance your new found love of Bruce. I’ve seen him twice. Once solo and once with the E Stree Band.

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