Uncle Tupelo

Today we celebrate the short but impressive career of alt/country pioneers Uncle Tupelo.

Uncle Tupelo Discography and best song from Album:

  • No Depression (1990)
    • Whiskey Bottle
  • Still Feel Gone (1991)
    • Still Be Around
  • March 16-20 1992 (1992)
    • Moonshiner
  • Anodyne (1993)
    • Slate
  • 89/93: An Anthology (2002)
    • I Wanna Be Your Dog

Best Uncle Tupelo Album:

  • Anodyne

Top 10 Uncle Tupelo Songs:

  1. Slate
  2. Moonshiner (This is a cover song but man is it great)
  3. Whiskey Bottle
  4. New Madrid
  5. The Long Cut
  6. Criminals
  7. Black Eye
  8. Anodyne
  9. Outdone
  10. Life Worth Livin’

Read, review, and respond.

Great music awaits!

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