I’m going to continue down the musical path of short lived Alt/Country groups.  Today we will celebrate the genius of Whiskeytown.

Whiskeytown Discography and best song from each album:

  • Faithless Street (1995)
    • Midway Park
  • Angels (EP 1995)
    • Tennessee Square
  • Strangers Almanac (1997)
    • 16 Days
  • Rural Free Delivery (EP 1997)
    • Pawnshop Ain’t No Place for a Wedding Ring
  • In Your Wildest Dreams (EP 1997)
    • Whither I’m a Flower
  • Pneumonia (2001)
    • Sit and Listen to the Rain

Best Whiskeytown Album:

  • Pneumonia

Top 10 Whiskeytown Songs:

  1. 16 days
  2. Whither I’m a Flower
  3. Sit and Listen to the Rain
  4. Jacksonville Skyline
  5. Don’t Wanna Know Why
  6. House On the Hill
  7. Inn Town
  8. Excuse Me While  I Break My Own Heart Tonight
  9. Yesterday’s News
  10. Black Arrow, Bleeding Heart

Read, review, and respond.

Great music awaits!

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2 responses to “Whiskeytown!

  • Uzz

    I have always been partial to Strangers Almanac as my fave CD, but then again, that is when I really discovered them. “Houses on the Hill” may be my favorite all-time Whiskeytown song, but I also love “Avenues”, “16 Days” and “Losering” are right there as well…you know…there is not a bad song on there. I have this list of albums that are perfect song-to-song and Strangers Almanac is high upon that list.

    I will say that I think “Pneumonia” is better lyrically than “Strangers Almanac”. A few of my faves…
    Sit & Listen to the Rain
    “I’ll never understand this emptiness / I’ll never really try and understand, I guess / I’ll never understand this emptiness / I’ll never really try and understand, / Try and understand, I guess”


    Jacksonville Skyline:

    “I was born in an abundance of inherited sadness
    And .50 cent picture frames bought at a five and dime
    I ended up a soldier on the weekend
    Looking for a vacancy I wasn’t able to find
    Somewhere the night sky hangs like a blanket
    Shoot it with my cap gun just to make it
    Seem like stars”


    • butlerbad

      Genius indeed! I can not argue the greatness of Stanger’s Almanac and actually it is a toss up between the two. The funny things is that Pneumonia was my intro to Whiskeytown so maybe that is the key to the choice.

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