You should not be reading this blog!

Ok blog readers, today is the day that I actually follow through on a promise, or more like a comment I made on my first blog, that I will actually post some of my writing.  This is largely due to the fact that I do not have time to actually write a blog today.  This is also a great time to stop reading and go to something important like organize your shoes or listen to some good music.

So, with that being said, here is a little look at the time waste that is my writing. 


We seek out fame

If only to mask our shame

And try to excuse who we are

From ourselves, we try to hide

Living with lovers

With no love inside

By our hand

We rape the land

Just to see another empty building stand

Raised in the video age

Fingers no longer feel the turning of a page

Living with constant stimulation

Opinions formed by media manipulation

Drive through meals

Office on wheels

We want it now

Don’t care how

Just meet the need

Of our evolving greed

White Lies

Can I think you’re wrong

And still support the theory of a bomb

Is there a higher form of hypocrisy

Then what we pass as democracy

The unthinking majority

Living in totality

How long can we overlook the casualty

Feed them

Bleed them

Delete them

Honor them

Award them

Bring them home and ignore them

Do we suffer the delusion

Of a national inclusion

Ingrained patriotism

Ever present cynicism

Rotating on an economic axis

When we are done, Plaque us

How long can we deny

The unending trail of lies

How long can we pretend

We are not the one with fences to mend

Did it really start with the fiery skies

Did it begin with no fear in their eyes

Ask the right question

And they tell the white lie

Counting Sheep

The devils dance in my head as I lie in bed trying to sleep

Won’t you help me count my sheep

Lord, won’t you help me count my sheep tonight

I’m colored in both the dark and light

Lord won’t you help me count my sheep tonight

I’ve got nowhere for the thoughts to go

So I restlessly toss to and fro

The burden weighs heavy on my mind

Of these crosses I choose to bear

Of these mountains I choose to climb

I’m just killing time

Lord knows I’m just killing time tonight

There’s no more room for angels

In this darkened land

So carefully made empty

By our own hands

Like the dying end of heaven

It all comes tumbling down

The Bottle

Staring down the bottle

Searching for an answer

That can’t be found

In the absence of the answer

I just continue to drown

The whiskey fills the hole

That time has worn in my soul

There was a time when I knew who I was

A time when I knew where to go

When the darkness surrounded me

Now it’s too painful to show

How my soul is broken

And my wings don’t know how to fly

It’s been so long since I’ve even thought to try

So I just push it down

Down deep inside

And keep away from those that might see

The pain behind these eyes

Alone is no way to stay alive

But I’m not sure that I haven’t already died



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