Useless Info

Well, a few little facts about me, the blogger.  As you read this, rest assured I am not in my parents basement typing and swilling rot gut whiskey.  Nor am I exchanging cyber pleasantries with some self described “could have been a model” girl who is actually a dude who does, in fact, live in his parent’s basement. 

 I am ,in fact, a college educated male who is, currently, gainfully employed and leads a relatively normal life.  I’m in an incredibly healthy and loving relationship with a wonderful woman who, for reasons unexplained, really seems to dig me and my scene or lack thereof.  I am a parent to a wonderful brood of children who could fill the starting rotation of a little league basketball team. 

 I’ve been an ardent music fan since I was a child, and have spent most of my teen/adult life attending concerts and continually expanding my personal music collection.  As the years have passed, I have found myself reflecting more on music and how it has become a soundtrack for my life.  I’ve become more open to different styles of music and revisited artist that I may have overlooked in the recalcitrant days of my youth.

 As a relatively productive member of society, I felt that it might be possible to give back a little by writing and enlightening the masses with my musical genius.  So, there you have it, a few little nuggets about me and the inspiring story behind the blog.


 Great music awaits,


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