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The High School Years:A Shout Out to the Class of 89 (75115)

We all have a favorite song or songs, one that we will sit in the car and listen to completion even when we are running late, one that we hear and can’t help but smile.  Songs are snapshots along our continuum that allow us to recall special times, people, and places.

This list is a remembrance of my high school years (85-89) and a shout out to the 75115.   Not all of these songs were released during those years, but were the soundtrack to my life at that time.  And no, Rod Stewart’s “Forever Young” despite being the class theme and I’m told prom song, did not make the list.  Sorry to both Rod and the class of 89 from 75115.

Twenty years later, when I hear any of these songs, I fondly remember the times and the friends I shared the moments with.  I contend that these artists and their songs stand the test of time and are just as relevant today as they were many years ago.

I realize that 25 songs is a relatively short list to sum up the high school years and while there are no duplicate artists on the list, these artist and songs shaded and formed a critical time in my life and it is a safe bet the album from which the song came, was and is currently in heavy rotation in my car, home, IPod, and office.

Below are the top 25 songs that harken back the halcyon days of my youth:

Simple Man                       Lynyrd Skynyrd

It’s The End of the World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine)     R.E.M.

Louisiana Rain                  Tom Petty

Seven Bridges Road         The Eagles

Tiny Dancer                        Elton John

Dream On                             Aerosmith

 Shooting Star                    Bad Company

Jungle Love                        Steve Miller Band

 The Weight                         The Band

Fire Lake                              Bob Seger

My Hometown                  Bruce Springsteen

Drive                                    The Cars

I Believe In You              Don Williams

It’s In the Way That You Use It                  Eric Clapton

Sweet Child O’ Mine          Guns ‘N’ Roses

The Pretender                    Jackson Brown

Jackie Brown                       John Mellencamp

Dyers Eve                             Metallica

Rockin’ In the Free World                Neil Young

With Or Without You         U2

Gimme Shelter                     The Rolling Stones

Mystic Rhythms                  Rush

Don’t You Forget About Me            Simple Minds

Copperhead Road                Steve Earle

Congratulations                    Traveling Wilburys

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Great Music Awaits!

You should be listening to The Black Crowes!

It might be difficult to understand or recall the brilliance of The Black Crowes because they have been out of the spot light for quite a while.  While they continue to make great music, they do not get the radio play they did in the halcyon days of their youth. 

While the brothers, Chris and Rich Robinson, formed The Black Crowes in 1984, it was not until 1990 that they released their debut album “Shake Your Money Maker”. The cornerstone of their debut was the rocking cover of Otis Redding’s “Hard to Handle”.  Their sound was unabashedly reminiscent of The Rolling Stones and classic bands such as “Humble Pie” and “The Faces” before Rod Stewart started hawking the “American Songbook” to your mother!

No other album released by The Black Crowes would have the commercial success of their debut, musically; they have put out solid music for twenty years.  Since their debut, the band has had a revolving door of musicians.  The one constant in the band has been the “Brothers Robinson”. 

In 2002, the band went on a brief hiatus for three years.  During this time, Chris pursued a solo career and released two albums “New Earth Mud” and “This Magnificent Distance

In 2005 The Black Crowes regrouped for a live show at San Francisco’s Fillmore, which was released as a DVD “Freak ‘N’ Roll … Into the Fog”.  Shortly after that, they released “The Lost Crowes” two previously unreleased albums packaged as a two disc set. 

Throughout the years, The Black Crowes have stayed true to their music and did not succumb to the pressure of passing musical fancy such as the delightful “Hair Metal” disaster, sorry Kip Winger and Warrant.  Their constant touring also kept them in front of the masses and helped keep them relevant as they stumbled commercially.

The Black Crowes Discography

  • Shake Your Money Maker
  • The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion
  • Amorica
  • Three Snacks and a Charm
  • By Your Side
  • Lions
  • The Lost Crowes
  • Warpaint
  • Before the Frost/Until the Freeze

Top 5 The Black Crowes Songs according to Butler (Albums listed to right of song):

  1.  She Talks to Angels (Shake Your Money Maker)
  2. My Heart is Killing Me (The Lost Crowes)
  3. Appaloosa (Before the Frost)
  4. Thorn in My Pride (The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion)
  5. Jealous Again (Shake Your Money Maker)

Reacquaint yourself with The Black Crowes and let me know what you think.

The Black Crowes music is available is available on iTunes, record stores and www.theblackcrowes.com

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Great music awaits!