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Mixed Tape Monday: People’s Names

Welcome to another installment of Mixed Tape Monday, where I will WOW you with my wonderful compilation of music:

 Today’s topic is People’s Names:

 Song:              Ruby’s Two Sad Daughters

Artist:              Walt Wilkins

Album:            Fire, Honey, & Angels

 Song:              Sherry Darling

Artist:              Bruce Springsteen

Album:            The River

 Song:              Melissa

Artist:              The Allman Brothers Band

Album:            Eat a Peach

 Song:              Jolene

Artist:              Ray LaMontagne

Album:            Trouble

 Song:              Suzie Blue

Artist:              Ben Harper

Album:            Burn to Shine

Song:              Oh, Josephine

Artist:              The Black Crowes

Album:            War Paint

 Song:              Capn Kirk

Artist:              Bob Schneider

Album:            I’m Good Now

 Song:              For Emma

Artist:              Bon Iver

Album:            For Emma, Forever Aga

 Song:              Mr. Larkin

Artist:              State Radio

Album:            Us Against the Crown

 Song:              Meanwhile, Rick James

Artist:              Cake

Album:            Comfort Eagle

 Song:              Suite Judy Blue Eyes

Artists:             Crosby, Stills, & Nash

Album:            Crosby, Stills, & Nash

 Song:              Amie

Artist:              Damien Rice

Album:            O

 Song:              Elias

Artist:              Dispatch

Album:            Silent Steeples

 Song:              Carl Perkin’s Cadillac

Artist:              Drive-By Truckers

Album:            The Dirty South

 Song:              Johnson’s Love

Artist:              Dwight Yoakam

Album:            Hillbilly Deluxe

 Song:              Amelia

Artist:              Erin Ivey

Album:            Sweet Little EP

 Song:              Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down

Artist:              Interpol

Album:            Turn On the Bright Lights

 Song:              Kathleen

Artist:              Josh Ritter

Album:            Hello Starling

 Song:              Slow Down Jo

Artist:              Monsters of Folk

Album:            Monsters of Folk

 Song:              Oh Maria

Artist:              Mudcrutch

Album:            Mudcrutch

 Great music awaits!

You should be listening to Dispatch

Dispatch is the little jam band that could.  With no major label, they gained a cult following in the late 90’s due to word of mouth and peer to peer file sharing.   They released three studio albums and four live albums. In 2002 they announced an indefinite hiatus and in 2004 did a free farewell concert that drew an audience of an estimated 110,000 fans.  This was chronicled in the DVD documentary “Last Dispatch”.  The DVD is well worth your time and might provide a better appreciation for the band.  In July of 2007 Dispatch did a benefit concert for Zimbabwe and due to the high demand for tickets, they ended up doing three sold out concerts at Madison Square Garden. 

 The New England band is comprised of Brad Corrigan, Chad Urmston, and Pete Heimbold, Dispatch began while all three attended college in Vermont.   All three members share the responsibility for the music and the vocals.  Tight harmonies, varied musical influences, and a loose playing style further complicate trying to categorize their music in to any one genre. 

 Dispatch Discography

  • Silent Steeples
  • Bang Bang
  • Who are We Living For?
  • Four Day Trials (Live)
  • Gut the Van (Live)
  • All Points Bulletin (Live)
  • Zimbabwe (Live)

 Top 5 Dispatch Songs according to Butler (Albums listed to right of song):

  1. The General (Bang Bang)
  2. Here We Go (Bang Bang)
  3. Carry You (Who are We Living For?)
  4. Flying Horses (Silent Steeples)
  5. Two Coins (Bang Bang)

 The triumvirate that was Dispatch is currently singularly involved in other projects. Brad Corrigan has released several albums under the moniker “Braddigan”, Chad Urmston is the front man for the band “State Radio” (future featured artist of my blog), and Pete Heimbold has recorded several albums as “Pete Francis”.

 Enjoy the genre defying music of Dispatch and let me know what you think.  Check out their website www.dispatchmusic.com

 Dispatch’s music is available on iTunes, some record stores, and on their website www.dispatchmusic.com

  Great music awaits!