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You should be listening to the Drive-By Truckers “Live from Austin, TX”!

The Drive-By Truckers are a band best experienced live.  The raw energy of the show further enhances the poignancy of the songwriting and showcases their musicianship.  This is why their latest release Live from Austin, TX is the best of both worlds. 

Live from Austin, TX captures the Trucker’s live show at the legendary Austin City Limits television show.  Recorded on Sept. 26th 2008, it is a combo package of CD and DVD.  The set list includes thirteen classic Trucker songs and showcases the vocal stylings of Cooley, Hood, and bassist Shonna Tucker. 

Cooley sounds just as warm and laid back on “Ghost to Most” and “Space City” as Hood sounds raspy, angry, and whisky soaked on “Righteous Path” and “The Living Bubba”.  Bassist Shonna Tucker makes her songwriting debut with “I’m Sorry Houston”.  Brighter Than Creations Dark, arguably one of the best Trucker albums, gets a lot of attention on this live set with four songs while the remaining Trucker catalog gets one or two songs.  I’m sorry to say “Gravity’s Gone”,Nine Bullets”, and “Carl Perkin’s Cadillac” did not make the set list.  Clocking in at 82 minutes of live music, it is hard to cover all the great songs from their extensive catalog.

“18 Wheels of Love” from Gangstabilly is a rocking, eleven minute labor of love with about six minutes of tribute to Patterson’s mother and Chester the truck driver’s unlikely courtship and eventual marriage. 

The Drive-By Truckers have built an impressive body of work and have held to the vision of founders Mike Cooley and Patterson Hood.  While they have had some band members leave over the years, most notably Jason Isbell, the Truckers have remained resilient and the music has not suffered.   This is clearly evidenced on this album.

Check out the Drive-By Truckers at www.drivebytruckers.com.

Great music awaits!

You should be listening to Patterson Hood!

Patterson Hood is the son of David Hood, bass player of the legendary Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section and one of the leaders/singers/songwriters of Drive-By Truckers.  He has released two solo albums that are more intimate than his work with the band.  While still relying heavily on the exploration of southern history and its roots, his solo albums seem to be a bit more personal and deal more with emotions and the people surrounding them.

His solo debut “Killers and Stars” was recorded in Hood’s kitchen in 2001 and was not initially intended to be released.  A few copies were produced and sold at shows and it gained momentum and was finally officially released in 2004.  On “Murdering Oscar (And Other Love Songs)”, Hood teams up with his father on the “Back of the Bible” one of the standout tracks from the album. 

His solo albums tend to be a little darker than his work with Drive-By Truckers.  His debut was more acoustic while his sophomore effort was a little more electric.  Hood’s voice, which ranges between a whiskey soaked, pack a day growl, southern drawl spoken word, or a surprisingly sweet innocent rasp, provides texture to the lyrics.

Patterson Hood Discography

  • Killers and Stars
  • Murdering Oscar (And Other Love Songs)

Top 5 Patterson Hood Songs according to Butler (Albums listed to right of song):

  1. Uncle Disney (Killers and Stars)
  2. Pride of the Yankees (Murdering Oscar (And Other Love Songs)
  3. Back of a Bible (Murdering Oscar (And Other Love Songs)
  4. The Assassin (Killers and Stars)
  5. Walking Around Sense (Murdering Oscar (And Other Love Songs)

Check out Patterson Hood and let me know what you think.

Patterson Hood’s music is available is available on iTunes, record stores and www.drivebytruckers.com.

Great music awaits!