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You should be listening to Joshua James!

Joshua James is a singer/songwriter who uses his whispery, raspy voice to convey raw emotions that connects you to the music.  I don’t know if it is the distant beauty in his voice or the exposed lyrics that pull you in first.  His songs deal with the emblematic themes of life, love, loss, and they varying emotions that go with it. 

His music is built around three central parts; an acoustic guitar, his haunting, expressive vocals, and poignant lyrics.  He paints vivid and at times a deeply chilling, personal picture with his lyrics.  His narrative style offers characters that speak out to you. 

Upon returning from some time in South America, James began writing around nineteen and picked up his first guitar when he was twenty.  Now, in his early twenties, his debut “The Sun is Always Brighter” was released in 2006 and he currently has three albums to his credit, performed at both Sundance and SXSW, and has toured with John Mayer, David Gray, and Ani DiFranco.

Joshua James Discography

  • The Sun Is Always Brighter
  • B-Sides It’s Dark Outside
  • Build Me This

Top 5 Joshua James Songs according to Butler (Albums listed to right of song):

  1. Tell My Pa (The Sun Is Always Brighter)
  2. Lovers Without Love (B-Sides It’s Dark Outside)
  3. Weeds (Build Me This)
  4. Mother Mary (Build Me This)
  5. Our Brother’s Blood (The Sun Is Always Brighter)

Check out Joshua James and let me know what you think.

Joshua James’ music is available is available on iTunes, record stores and www.joshuajames.tv.

Also, if you have a facebook page, you can become a fan of the blog.


Great music awaits!